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Form 5 Add Maths with Victor Tan (Group 11 & more)



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One good thing about MCO is unlock my ability to use final cut pro, edit video quit time consuming but i really enjoy the time i spent for video editing. This is my first short personal branding video.

Victor Tan Xun Pei 发布于 2020年5月29日周五


  •  3R Memory Booster Method: Revise, Retain, Recall
  • Use very simple approach to explain complicated things
  • The secret of calculator which can solve a lot of question in both math and add math i will reveal to you in my class.
  • Fully Support Via Whatsapp 24/7,


Show you step by step


Show you how to press calculator


Clear and Simple


Always change to avoid boring


Good Feedback from the Parents


Good feedback from the parents


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